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Saturday, May 21, 2005

You, The Owners Manual

I was at home at lunch one day last week and Oprah was on. I just caught a little blubr before I had to go back to work about the this book, You, The Owner's Manual. Well Of course I had to run out to Barnes and Noble to get it when I was told they completely sold out with an hour of the show. I went after work to get a copy. I was told that anythign she mentions on that show is like gold. All I could to was put my name down with about 40 other to have a copy ordered for me.

I did and I was just able to pick it up on yesterday. So far so good. I am only on page 8 but it is about our bodies, how we can actually eat to prolong out lives. It really gives specific things to do, eat, stay away from and has a diet for life in the back. I like it because I am one always looking for that one thing that will be like the fountain of youth. It basically says that most of our aging ( 80%) is due to how we eat. It is not heredity and we are really in control of it. I mean look at Oprah. She looks the best she has ever looked and she is 50. So, of course I will be reading this book from cover to cover! Click on the amazon link below to get your copy.


What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
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2 Broken Heels:

Laniza said...

Oprah does look amazing!

Tinker said...

she looks better as she gets older, i think!