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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Little Bit of This Shoe and That One Too

It has been a very busy weekend to say the least. It was was all about dirty fila DRAMA! Need I say more. And I understand it gets worse as puberty really sets in. Where do I begin? Well last week I got a call on monday from her social studies teacher that she had sent home a progress report that needed to be signed by me. Instead it was signed my mother. Or so the teacher thought or NOT! dirty Fila had not turned in 2 homework assignments and an outline that was due. The teacher sends home a special progress report to let parents know if assignments are missed. She told me she had also sent home a missed homework slip also for me to sign also. Of course I never saw that either and it too was signed by my mother. NOT!

I decided to go in for a conference. As it turned out dirty Fila was afraid to bring me the missed homework slip and the progress report and she decided to sign her grandmothers name. Yes, she forged my mother signature. Now, she was not really trying to get away with a true forgery. She has the handwriting of an 11 year old and there was not way anyone on earth would ever believe an adult had signed the papers. Can we say busted???!

At the same time of the conference with the social studies teacher, the math teacher decided to come in as well. Well, there were missed assignments there as well-about 8. Both teathers assured me that this kind of thing happens to some kids after spring break. They go on spring break and STAY on spring break. Well that was not flying with me. I got all the missed homework details and told the teachers that school would be in session over the weekend. Now even with the missed assignments the social studies grade is a 96 dropped from a 99. The math grade is a 89 dropped from a 93. dirty Fila has always been on the honor roll since kindergarden and has never left it.

I was like a mother possessed. What was she thinking? So close to the end of the year is not the time to mess up. You do not have time to make the grades up. Luckily the teachers were agreeable to letting me get those missed things in to salvage what grades we could.

Well it was a tag team weekend. Between my mother and I, dirty Fila, I do not think she will EVER do that again. Especially the signing of someone elses name. On saturday school began and 8am and ended 9 hours later. We had 9 hours of math on saturday and 5 hours of social studies on sunday. We got all the missed assigments done and turned in on monday.

As for her no tv, no computer, no radio, no mp3, no cd player, nothing till the end of the school year. Now the only music she can listen to is Vivaldi: The four seasons. I play it everyday and in the car and in my room and I will continue to play it for dirty Fila. Now I love Vivaldi, so I will never get tired of it. dirty Fila asked me why was I making her listen to Vivaldi all the time. Was that a part of her punishment? I told her yes. Classical music stimulates the brain to think and that if she did not get it together or if she said one more thing about Vivaldi, I would put in the opera, so she had better just pipe down! (Let's get 50 cent and Usher out of her head and Vivaldi in!) So she is in music hell. It is Vivaldi and opera for the rest of the year for her. It does not seem like is should be such a din to her ears. She plays the violin and one of the 4 seasons they learned this year and had to play for the spring concert.

Lord, help me make thru middle school with her!

No work shoes
Spring has sprung and I think the coworkers all have spring fever. Or maybe spring insanity is more like it. In the past few weeks I have noticed that people come to work in shoes but soon abandon then for strange sock variations. I have seen people walking around in just socks. But not just any socks, socks that do not match. Like one solid and a striped, or two different striped colors, or no socks at all. Just plain old barefoot. Why? They say their feet are cold. Then wear cocks and closed in shoes instead of high heeled sandals that expose your entire foot. My thoughts on this next picture: Don't be ashamed now just because I have my camera. This is not how you need to be looking at the office. Footies don't cut it!

Wannabe shoes is beginning to look hoochie. Low cut polyester sleeveless, hankerchief hem dresses are not for work. Maybe a summer party or going out to the club, but not for work. Finishing shoes is finishing my sentences less these days. I wonder if that is the case or have I just gotten used to it? Classic Court has not been feeling too well recently. Wingtips has his wigtips all in a bunch over a disagreement contributed to him with another party. I say, it is over so just let it go and move on. We must learn to pick our battles in the work place. Work itself has been very hectic. We have all been given loads of computer continuing ed courses to do. Hours and hours of them. I keep wishing I would win the lotto and would never had to work again. But I guess I would actually have to buy a lotto ticket for me to be in the running!

Have you seen hampsters running on their wheels in cages? Well that is me. Running, running , running. So much to do and so little time.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

7 Broken Heels:

MGal said...

I once did the same thing as Dirty Fila.. and yep, my mom found out. Boy was I in trouble but I did learn my lesson.

2Vamp said...

oh dear :o

i remember my forgeries when i was in my early teens. still, from a mom's perspective, it's.... Not A Good Thing. lol

Nzyme said...

LOL!! Tinker, my 8-year-old son did it earlier this year!! And believe me, his handwriting is ATROCIOUS!! Last week, I found a note next to the garbage can. I guess he figured---NO MORE FORGERIES, I'LL JUST DUMP 'EM INSTEAD!! I think they're just tired of school, but, they've come too far to mess up now!! Have a blessed week!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the visit to my little study blog :)

I'm on vacation and today I am throwing away all my work-shoes and going to buy brand new shiny (well, not shiny really) shoes (a lot of them!)

Ana's Study Blog

Ana's Regular Blog

Joann said...

Your daughter has you and that means she will do just fine.

Holly Desimone said...

Hi Tinker,
Does trying to get home, check mail for skipping classes letter sent out by school, before brother uses it against you for chores. Does that count too!! I skipped and did not know about the letter and got nailed by my brother.

Tinker said...

melissa and 2vamp: i had to think back but i did recall i did this once high school. we had realy mean nuns and i forget to get a test signed. i did not do back i just forget. i signed my mom's name so that i would not get demerits. that was the only time.

nzyme: dumping does not help where dirty fila goes to school because with all tests they have to correct all the ones they got wrong, have it signed and the teacher will give more points for the corrected tests to help increase the grade.

ana: i hopw you found many. many pairs of new shoes!

joanne: she did well for the year dispite our bout of craziness. she ended the year with mostly a's, a few b's and the 1 c in math.. she is still on the "bronze " honor roll.

holly: yes it counts! did you get/pay your brother back for that???