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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Condi and Me and Ferragamo Makes Three!

Condoleeza Rice and Ferragamo Shoes!

Here's the real dish. Since I was there, let me put all the rumors to rest. After all it is just rumor that has not yet been verified. Even Snopes doesn't know for sure; but my hairdresser does!

I had spent the last 3 days watching Hurricane coverage on tv and on and was hurricaned out! So what is a girl to do for diversion? Go shoe shopping of course. I called up my friend Condi (I am an A-List blogger you know) and off we went shoe shopping. She was already on vacation. Her boss was too . (Eventhough New Orleans has been washed away and America seems to be loosing the war and soldiers everyday, it was vacation time for all in the West Wing. )

Condi and I had Breakfast at Tiffanies and then set our feet to walking. We shopped on Fifth Avenue and found many must have things. Condi found a new outfit for the weekend and I found a new MOO ROO. Who was thinking of the South drowning when there were shoes to see? Shoes were next on the agenda.

Me, I was just a little envious of Condi's shoes! She knows how to really wear a pair of boots'>! Most impressive in this picture! Makes me think of bondage and dominatrixity or the Matrix. I digress. Where was I ? Shoes.

We decided to go to Ferragamo's for shoes and we were confronted by a shrew! Condi has an "in" and I was trying to get the hook up too. (It helps to know people. I was hoping Ferragamo could do a little somethin' somethin' for me.) We were minding our own business when this shrieking woman decided to get all up in my gurl's face. I told her to back up off Condi and to slow her roll. She was messing with me getting my shoe on!

She shouted, "How dare you shop for shoes while thousands are dying and homeless!" - presumably referring to Louisiana and Mississippi.

Condi gave her the Evil EYE!

Pretty evil, huh?

Condi put her hands on her hips, got the neck moving and told the woman to stay out of her koolaid because she did not know the flava. Needless to say it was almost a girl fight up in there. Condi kicked off her shoes, took off her earrings and asked me if I had any vasoline in my purse.

Well, Condi rolls with her own secret service crew, so she holla'ed at them to watch her back. Like G-Unit protecing Fiddy, poof! That heifer was gone. She was gone. No more "Condi hatin" shoppers in our local. Several thousands of dollars later and 10 bags heavier, we left.

You wanted to know the real Condi scoop. Well there it is. I was there. Condi almost kicked her butt. She was on vacation. Call the office if you want to talk about work related things. And leave a message if you get Condi's voice mail. She will call you back once she gets in. For now, we are too busy trying on our shoes and matching them up with outfits.

Can't a sistuh get her shoe on without interruption from national crisis? That crisis is not going to end overnight. Now is it? But this shoe sale might! Get your priorities straight cause shoes, Condi and me, make three.

(Thanks to Owen for emailing me about this Condi/Ferragamo dilema)
Funny how a rumor can spread and pretty soon the
whole world is talking about it.
Do you really think she is not concerned
about the hurricane situation? Really! It is just a rumor.
How does that song go?
Don't start nothing, won't be nothing.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

Anonymous said...

I always pegged condi as a prada girl........who knew?


Tinker said...

shoelover: i was surprised too! :)