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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Changing Shoes

Work is not the same anymore. There have been so many staff changes. Some for the good. Seems like most of the nuts and crazies are moving on in a kid of mass exodus. There have been some losses though-people we did not want to go. I have lost wingtips! His last day was friday. My solemate is gone! He was my ally in all things. He got snapped up by another company altogether...not the same industry.

Classic court is out now on disability... for 2 years. I will miss her english wit! I will be drinking my pg tips in honor of her now.

Wannabe shoes resigned on friday. Let's all scream YAHOOOOOOO!!! Off she goes to the competition. But... she had no job yet. She only had 2 offers. She had not accepted anything yet. I would resign only AFTER the ink is dry! Good riddance. Let's hope those offers do not fall through!

Snakeskin is still there but may be moving. With all the staff leaving , the bigwigs will be moving people around. She may be going to where Wannabe was.

Finishing? Still there next o my office finishing everything! Still driving me crazy!

I will have to add some new characters to my sidebar. We have hired in and some of them are looney! We have some that are in different areas that may move to where I am. I just hope BTK does not come down. He is called BTK (yes...after the serial killer) because if anyone would be a killer or a child molester, he would be it. He even deals with kids in his private life...none of his own..but others. We are all afraid for them!

Our office is changing its shoes. So I guess we all must do the same!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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