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Monday, October 17, 2005

The Converse and the Lie

dirty Fila has been wanting a pair of Converse-Chucks- as she calls them for about 6 months. I have not bought her a pair because there were so many other pairs of athletic shoes she just had to have that I have bought...the Baby Phats, the other pair of Converse, Phat Farms, the Avias , the Filas (hence her name dirty Fila-she can't keep them clean) and the Nikes. She is not lacking for shoes at all. These were the sneakers I bought her last school year. This year when school opened she got just a new pair of avias. She can still wear all the other pairs she had from last year. She has kept them in very good condition. She rotates them so they have not worn out very much.

In her favorites on AOL she has the Converse website saved and she frequently visits looking at chucks and tells me about them. I have been hearing about then for 6 months. (LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA! LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA) Whenever we go to the mall she has to go to Journeys--a very hip hop kind of shoe store. Converse there cost about $76 a pair minimum! (I always look for a sale..I have yet to break down and buy her a pair at full price). Well, this past sunday after church, dirty Fila, my mother and I had lunch at Red Lobster and decided to go window shopping after. We went to the mall and dirty Fila saw a pair of chucks on sale. My mother decided she was going to get them for dirty Fila. dirty Fila also saw a pair of FUBU that she liked as well. The converse were a pair of high top pink ones. The shoes were three DIFFERENT pinks! Can we say loud and bright! Can we say hightops--loud and very pink! Do these even to begin to go with her school uniforms? No! Here are both of them.

Well, my mother asked the store to hold the pink ones and she would come back on today-monday to get them. Well, after work and school, we go to my mom's house to see if she did indeed go back to get the shoes. She had but she had also bought the Fubu's as well. After a bit of discussion it was revealed to me that dirty Fila had asked her nana for $69.00 last week for a pair of shoes --Converse--she had seen at Journeys. I did not know about this at all. My mom asked her if she had gotten any school shoes and dirty Fila told her no, then changed her story to one pair. Can we say little white lies! I was livid.

I explained to mom that she had gotten a brand new pair of Avias for school as well as pair of leather shoes for winter and a pair of skecher boots for when it really gets cold. In addition she still has black dress boots from last winter and all the tennis shoes from last school year. She has plenty of shoes and boots to wear.

Prior to us talking dirty Fila was a happy little clam! She was so pleased to see those pink shoes and was relacing them with some sort of complicated system. Well, I told her that since she had lied about not having any shoes my mother needed to take both those pairs of shoes back to the store. A lesson needed to be learned here. Why lie about the shoes? Maybe if you had no shoes or one pair and they were from last year, rundown and with holes..maybe there may be some way for me to see telling a lie to get new shoes... but to tell a lie when your closet is overrun with! Those shoes needed to go back.

My mom decided that a stern lecture was in order. I agreed. dirty Fila was grilled for about 30 minutes on the benefits of trust and how priceless it is and the value of her spoken word. My mother "threatened" to take the shoes back. dirty Fila became a sad little longer the happy little clam. I still think the shoes should go back to the store, but my mom did not agree with that in the end. (If I had bought those shoes they would have gone back and I would have made dirty Fila do the return.) In the end her nana said the thing she should have done was to just tell her she wanted the shoes and had been looking at them for 6 months. I guess after dirty Fila did not get the $60+ dollars she asked for (only because my mom wanted to check with me first and see if she could find more than one pair maybe on sale for $60+ dollars) she thought was never going to get those converse.

dirty Fila apologized and hoepfully she has learned a lesson about lying. Me? I still think the shoes need to go back to the store. dirty Fila is happy still. She plans to wear the pink pair on tomorrow with her school uniform! She has then rolled down just like these! All this drama for a pair of shoes. I remember when I was little Converse were the cheap bobo shoes. Now they are all retro and back in fashion. Here are some interesting pairs. There are many more.. in so many different colors.

Print Red/Green/White Hi-top $30

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

4 Broken Heels:

laniza said...

Wow! Look at all those Converse! I agree w/ you. I think that the shoes should go back. Dirty Fila thought that she was slick!!

Anonymous said...

$76 bucks for Chuck's? That is insane. Shoeguy wears them cuz they are him!

You may be interested in the little contest we are running for a pair of Manolo's on our Clear Shoe Boxes site.


McBeth said...

came across your blog via the Blogs by Women blogroll (which I am also waiting to be added to).

Great shoes and while my own little fascination happens to be purses, handbags, etc. I can totally grok the shoe thing. Especially heels, oh yes I can. MmmmmMMMMmmmmm.

Tinker said... are SOOO right! but my mother would not take the shoes back and I know she would not let me either.

Shoe lover: they are expensive... I remember when i was little they were bobo's!

Mcbeth: i love purses too. I have bags to match all of my shoes. I have just not talked too much about the bags I have. They number over 40....yes.. 40. And I am still buying more. With all shoes I just got, they were supplemented by 2 purses. A bag by junior drake that I got on sale for $149.00 and a bag by puntotres not on sale for $359.00. See, not only do I have a problem with shoes.. the purses are in there as well.