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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Frightful Things

I was at my parents house earlier this week and I was confronted by what I fear the most....spiders. A large banana spider had set up home in 1 day and had a huge web hanging from the corner of their stoop. To me the only good spider is a dead one. I got in the house and told my father. He promptly set to killing. He gathered his killing tools. A broom and a can of Raid. I love Raid. It kills spiders! Thre minutes later, spider was dead and web was destroyed! I hope that spider rots in spider hell!

Last summer I was on my back patio and had a fearful run in with jumping spiders! First of all, I knew there were spiders out there as my plants had taken over like a jungle. I was going out there to cut stuff back from the patio. I wore a long sleeved shirt as my hands and arms would be near and on plants. I thought that was enough. It wasn't...soon I was in spider HELL!

A jumping spider was on a planter to the right of me. All of a sudden I felt something scurrying on my bare ankle. I looked down and it was a jumping spider. I freaked to say the least. I tried to kill it. I swatted at it with my gloved hand. It jumped back to the planter. OK good.. at least t it was not on me. I was sure all my comotion and shrieking had scared it. It was brave. Within a few seconds it jumped back to my ankle. I hopped and shrieked and swatted. It jumped to teh patio floor. I tried to stomp it. It jumped out of the way. No matter how hard I tried to kill it, it continued to jump back and forth to my ankles and legs.

Finally I was able to get it off of me long enough for me to get back in the house and get my can of Raid! I sprayed the patio floor and the planters. I do not know if I got the spider, but he did not jump on me anymore that day. Maybe the smell scared him away once and for all.

The worst experience with spiders happened about 2 years ago. I was staying at a Red Roof Inn and after I checked in, I noticed a large spider and web near the entrance way. I was unnerved! As I wlaked to my room, I looked up at the ceilings on the outside of the building and there were spiders and large webs everywhere. It was something out of a nightmare as when evening came, I could look out my window and see all the spiders dropping down to feed for the night. There were literally about 100 spiders. I counted.

The very next morning, I went to the gas staion near the hotel and spent about $8.00 for a can of Raid! $8.00...but it was worth it. I sprayed the outside of that hotel down. Wherever I had to walk, I sprayed. I killed all those spiders in that area. I sprayed so much Raid, I even got spiderman. I could not take the chance of a spider dropping down on my shoulder! I complained to management and within a day or 2 all the webs and spiders in other areas NOT near my room had been removed as well.

The frightful things never end this time of year! I had a horrible encounter this morning. Ihad a run in with a Pillsbury Biscuit can. Evey since I was a child I have had an extreme fear of these cans bursting open at any time. The package says use a spoon handle to pierce it open and when that happens all is well. The problem comes in when the just burst open on their own. This terrifies me. That low, soft, bursting pop noise! This morning when I unwrapped the package, it burst open on its' own. I of course jumped and had a terrible scare. I hate when that happens.

In that same vein..I also am fearful of balloons. That unexpecting popping in terrifying to me.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

6 Broken Heels:

Joann said...

Here in California we have these little brown jumping spiders that are deadly, maybe. I'm staying away from any spiders just because they are creepy. As for your biscuit can, I can't get the things to open without using major tools. Must be air pressure differences. Balloons? Try getting friendly with some very small ones first and working your way up.

Tinker said...

balloons....i do not know.. even small ones are scary.

2Vamp said...

I am pathetically useless with spiders. Useless, I tell you. I'll yell and shriek and do that stupid jiggle as I run away.....

Tinker said...

lol!at least i am not alone 2vamp!

Freedom said...

Hi. Thanks for your comments in my blog :-)

Balloons and Pillsbury cans ( don't really scare me . . .but spiders do . . . yuk!!! And...I certainly wouldn't want to be in these guys, http// Imagine the horrible dreams they would have about spiders in their sleep ("stupid 'Blogger' profile questions").

Remember the "WTC Guy" hoax after 911? There was also a lessor known "Pillsbury Guy" hoax (scroll down on page):

Tinker said...

i saw that spider camel emailsome time ago and was totally FREAKED out! i screamed out loud when I saw that picture.