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Saturday, October 22, 2005

TupperWEAR Shoes for 2006

Let's not all jump on the band wagon at once. I am sure there will be plenty of these shoes (unsold) to go around. Tupperwear and Cynthia Rowley have teamed up to bring Tupperwear to the forefront of fashion. HMMMMM! I am not too sure about adding these ballet shoes to my collection. What about you? I'd say these are shoes gone mad!

Tupperware(R) TUP will come out of the kitchen and onto the runway to make its New York Fashion Week debut in the Spring 2006 Cynthia Rowley show. Rowley's collection, which will be unveiled Wednesday, September 14, at the Elizabeth Street Garden in Manhattan, will feature Tupperware-created fashion accessories.

Finding a perfect fit between her spring collection and the modern, innovative plastics that have been a hallmark of the American icon for over five decades, Rowley has found Tupperware to be inspirational and turned to the company to help create the unique accessories for the runway. For her image of models "floating down the runway," Rowley looked to Tupperware to bring to life her design for plastic-soled shoes, which will be worn by the models in the show. And in update of a sleek '60s look, Rowley has designed custom Tupperware headbands.

"Tupperware was so great in helping me realize my vision for spring 2006. I like to call it TupperWEAR!" said Rowley. "I was very impressed with their creative and artistic approach to design and the way they've reinvented the Tupperware brand."

A company that has continued to meet the ever-evolving consumer demands for more than 50 years, Tupperware believes the Cynthia Rowley partnership will take Tupperware from the forefront of food storage to the forefront of fashion.

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Keeping on that same note, I will not be adding these duct tape boots to my collection either! Duct tape flip flops and slippers are available also!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

5 Broken Heels:

ChickyBabe said...

Tupperware shoes?? They must have a tight seal... :D

Urban Chick said...

i cannot for the life of me say why but i quite like them


Neil said...

Will this bring the return of the Tupperware party?

Tinker said...

chickybabe! LOL!

Urban chick: I do not know.. i bet that plastic will be hot in the summer.

Neil: did the tupperware party ever really die? where i am people are still having them and if you cannot attend, they leave books to order from on your desk! same as the pampered chef people.

Lizy said...

Tupperware shoes?Where do we find these type of shoes?