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Saturday, November 19, 2005

William Shatner Wants to Sell kidney Stones on Ebay

William Shatner is hoping to persuade medics who removed his kidney stone to hand it over so he can sell it on auction site eBay.

The actor, who played Captain James T Kirk in Star Trek, claims the stone will become "the ultimate piece of Star Trek memorabilia".

Shatner plans to give the proceeds of the sale to charity, but he has to cut through eBay red tape first - the website's rules are strict about the sale of body parts.

The 74-year-old actor was taken from the set of his hit TV show Boston Legal last month, suffering from what was initially reported to be chronic back pain.

But Shatner has since revealed he had a kidney stone, which he successfully passed after experiencing excruciating pain.

What was he thinking? That is an embarrassment to all trekkies everywhere. And an embarrassment to Canada! I can say this. I have been a trekkie since I was a child. I grew up with James T. Kirk and watched every episode of every Star Trek series that came on. From tribbles to borgs I was there. He needs to stop as he is running off at the mouth now! Who would want his kidney stones? Where would you keep them? On your living room mantel in a bowl?

Reading about James T. Kirk made me wonder where all my Star Trek stuff is. It has vanished throughout the years. I used to have a communicator pin just like this one with sound. I was such a geek. (Maybe "was" is not the right tense?) I used to wear it everyday and would use it often each day beaming myself up to the ship when my day was stressful. My coworkers just looked as I talked to Scotty, Data, Dax, Odo, Picard, 7 of 9..whoever. I was always talking to someone in the ship. My communicator had sound just like the ones on tv. You couldn't tell me nothin when I was using it.

And let's not forget the uniform. I did not want to look like I just walked off the set. So I had a modified Star Trek suit that I would wear to work at least once a month. It had a black skirt so I could wear heels and be dressy. It would make people take a 2nd look. Was that a Star Trek uniform I had on or was it a suit with those colors?

I got a suit pattern and altered it. It looked just like this although it was a suit jacket with an invisible zipper. I have not worn this suit in about 4 years. My communicator I misplaced about a year ago. I would still be wearing it if I could find it. I guess I will have to buy another from the Star Trek Fan Club.

I remember when I first saw Spock's greeting. I practiced and practiced until my fingers would separate like his too. They still do. I still give people his greeting from time to time. dirty Fila now wants to learn how to make her fingers separate like Spock's. She cannot do it yet.

Did I say earlier that I "was" a geek? I guess I was and still am. Once you profess to be Trekkie, you are forever a geek. It will follow you to the grave.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

ChickyBabe said...

I'm a trekkie too, and I hate to admit it but I used to have dreams about Captain Kirk *hides in shame*... And this sort of thing makes me even more embarrassed. Give me a conversation with Jean-Luc any day!

You had a communicator?? I'm jealous!!

Tinker said...

Thank you Chickybabe for not letting me stand alone with the confession i was a trekkie! Thanks my sister in geekhood!

Yeah... it was all about the communicator! I miss mine.