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Friday, February 10, 2006

Ohmmmmmmmmmm! Ohmmmmmmm!

I have very stressed shoes right now!

I was in the mall about a week ago and was stressed at the time due to work. The work was absolutely crazy that day. I was in a home decorating store, The Briar Patch, I think. I found a lamp which is what I went there for. I kept hearing thunder and birds in the background. The birds were loons and there were coming from the back of the store. I walked on back past the lamps, giant fron ornaments and pillows to a sale rack in the back. On it were all sorts of environmental fountains. Of course I had to get one. This is the one I ended up buying as it sounded the most soothing.

It is the Envira Scape Rain Forest Fountain by Homedics. Now I can come home and put on the sounds of the rain forest, or any of the following. And it is accompanied by the sounds of a gentle rain or I can make it a thunder storm.
  1. Rain Forest
  2. Sunrise
  3. Thunder
  4. Loons
  5. Summer Night
  6. Wind Chimes
I like it more than my CD of birds in the forest. That cd is almost disturbing as the birds are sooooo loud. I have a tape of the ocean that I love and have had for many a year. On that cd the water ranges from the ocean to river and harbour noises with ship horns blowing in the distance. I can really "BE" on the water with that cd. I have yet another ocean tape with Pachelbel's Canon interweaved throughout. At the end of the day it really helps to be able to put your mind in another place with different sites and sounds. It does help relieve stress.

Today was a crazy day. I need all the loons looning, fog horns fogging, oceans crashing and rain falling in a rainforest all at once. It was only 19.99 on sale and they seem to be everywhere. I have seen then at Walmart, Target, mall stores, Best Buy, everywhere. I recommend one for everyone. The worst call I got today was from a client who wanted me to pay him $50,000 for his death. Can we say insane!!! After him I was ready for drinking many martinis at 11 am in the morning!! I was totally through with him. He got on my last nerve with his craziness.

Me: I can offer you "this" in regards to this matter.
Client: I'm sorry but this, this and this happened and what you have offered me is not enough.
Me: What I am offering you is a very fair amount and yada yada yada, this is why.
Client: I want you to pay me $50,000 for my death.
Me: But sir, you are not dead.
Client: I could have died and I want $50,000 for my death.
Me: I am sorry but you did not die so what you are asking for I will not be able to honor.
Client: The only reason I did not die was yada yada yada! (He is yelling at me now.)
Me: You did not die, this is not a death situation and isn't that a good thing. You are fine now.
And let me reiterate, I will not be paying you $50,000. What you are asking is totally unrealistic.

And of course it spiraled downward from there. 40 minutes later that call finally ended and Finishing shoes was telling me that all her clients were off the wall today too. And it is not even Friday the 13th! So I am listening to loons and the ocean trying to relax tonight.

I highly recommend any of the following as I have been a faithful user of relaxation cd's and fountains for years. Ohmmmmmmmmmm! Ohmmmmmmm! I will relax, I will relax, I will!

These next two I have and have just about worn the grooves on the cd's out I use them so much! They are wonderful!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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