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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Western Mania

Well, I have been looking for a pair of coyboy boots that would work for me just about all winter. I just could not find a pair to fit. Remember those elusive boots? Well, guess what? I finally found a pair. I found them on Tuesday night. It was a life changing moment! (:) I was with dirty Fila-we had just left the guitar studio where she takes lessons every Tuesday- and she thought I was "just trying them on." I actually got them on and off with ease. No way were they going to be left in the store. dirty Fila took one look and said, "Big fat NO!." I laughed. I told her she was just hatin' because she had not found the perfect pair for herself. She laughed and said she would not be caught dead in a pair of cowboy boots and definitely not a pair was as "LOUD" as the ones I had on.

Can we say, don't care? Aren't cowboy boots a little loud anyway? It's the average person who just buys the basic brown or black(which is not bad of course), but I am all about different shoes. I hightailed it to the register, plastic in hand and now Jessica Simpson has nothing over me! Here are my boots with my kitty. Can we say puss and boots?

As you can see, there is no missing me in these. I will be wearing them to work today and I know the office will be buzzing. People will be parading down to my desk/office to see my boots. Rumors will be flying today. They were flying last week when I wore my winter snow boots with fur on them. I had several people come to me and say that was a fashion trend they could not do as they were not so brave. Winter, cold, snow equals boots. They are a pair of brown, leather mid calf boots. They are furlined on the inside. You can turn the top few inches down and the fur will show. That is how I wear them. They are very conservative and boy did they get comments. Why I am not sure. The thing I have to remember is that the people making the comments are some of the frumpiest people in the office and they are also the ones who walk around in their socks and then try to hide when I pull out the camera. See this post. Please! Do not even talk about me. At least I wear shoes to work...all day.

Well, with the western gene in me awake and active, I came across these clogs on that same night. Had to have the western clog as well. dirty Fila said that she would be walking 3 steps behind me when I wore my boots. The clogs she said were okay. That is fine. My boots were made for walking and that is what I'll do!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

3 Broken Heels:

Nat said...

crap, why did I find your page?! Now I'm gonna have to buy all the cute shoes you show me! ahh! haha!

Holly Desimone said...

Tinker, finally after all this time, COWBOY BOOTS, the western heart! Hee Haa!

Tinker said...

nat: i hope you have your plastic ready! some i found cost a pretty penny!

holly: hard to believe cowboy boots, but I just had to get them. i might be trying to hold on to youth!