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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shoes in Need of Relaxation

What a day this was. I would almost think that the great shoe gods that are guiding my life from the dark recesses of shoe boxes were mad with me.

10:00am. Ring a ding ding! "This is dirty Fila's english teacher and this last 9 weeks dirty Fila has had some sort of attitude problem that has resulted in her getting a 69 for the last nine weeks. I know that is very abnormal for her as she is taking honors classes and has never had a grade like this before. I think you need to come in next week for a conference." I was livid. She has never had a grade like this before. EVER. dirty Fila has been in the gifted and talented or honors classes her entire school career. Even in kindergarden. I was floored. I made the appointment for next week. The teacher said it seems to be some sort of attitude problem.

12:30pm. Heavy footsteps approaching. Tinker, boss here. It is the end of the month and we need more production. We have 2 more days to hit out goals. We need a reduction of non segmenteds. We need more contacts, more follow up, more closures, more negotiations. Work this list, what was the result of working that last list? What is the progress on the targeted goal list? Please see my email on this client...and on and on and on. It is the end of the month, little worker bees! Chop, chop! Hop to it. Finishing shoes and I just looked at each other. She had heard the exact same thing 2 minutes before I did. We laughed with each other and pondered our purpose in the grand scheme of things. If we die tomorrow, the work would go on and on and on. We decided it would be a Michelob, Margarita kind of night.

3:30pm. Ring a ding ding! "Mom! I forgot to tell you that I have violin rehearsal after school today and I have to stay late. Can you pick me up at 5:15?" (I was going to work late to get to yesterday's emails and targeted lists!) Okay dirty Fila, I will be there. So much for working late.

All throughout the day: Dealing with new girl. Can we say just stop talking? I don't want to appear rude but all that talking she does is a distraction from work. Finishing shoes and I even turn our backs to her and still she talks. God help us!

6:00 pm. "Mommy I got a detention today." I shrieked. She has never, ever had a detention before. Why? She had on the wrong color sweatshirt with her uniform. She wears a school uniform and today she wore something out of uniform. She was asked to take it off and she refused. REFUSED! Mind you. The ipod nano is going to disappear. In addition to that, so will that favorite sweatshirt. Those 2 things will not be returned until grades improve. I am so put out with her. What is going on with her suddenly? My school angel is moving over to the dark side!

7:00 pm. At the mall, you know me. Window shopping for shoes. I spy something. A man with an odd chair. Free massage he says. I walk over and look at him. He looks okay. Strange men rubbing on you can be scary. I ask for his business card. He really is a professional masseuse. So I agree to the free massage. I thought it would be for about 5 minutes or so. 30 minutes later I was a new woman. Right there in the mall. It was almost a godly experience. I took his card with me. I feel I might have to call him in the future for some of his services.

That was a perfect end to a crazy day. It all starts again on tomorrow.

Just another thought: this blog reached a milestone as well. I just looked at the counter and over 100,000 visits have been made to my blog. That is amazing!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

Joann said...

The school my daughter attends sends daily emails listing all homework and upcoming projects. This is so helpful. I think all schools should do this. You might bring it up. Congratulation on your visits.

Tinker said...

I wish my daughter's school did that. I am just grateful for the call. At least we have a little time to get those grades up. . . hopefully! Else she will be going to summer school.