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Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Speak Cat and Dog!

Carnival of Cats

This email was circulating the office last week. Pretty funny! The benefits of being bilingual!

Here is a picture of my baby! She is speaking definite cat right now. "Where is MY food!? I'm hungry!"

Be sure to check out the other carnival of cat entries her~~~> Life, Florida, Whatever!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

4 Broken Heels:

Lady Strathconn said...

That's funny.

Tinker said...

i had to watch it about 4 times. i was laughing so hard!

K T Cat said...

Wonderful! I'm emailing this link to some friends!

Tinker said...

k t cat: thanks for stopping by. feel free!