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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to School Shoes

Last weekend I took dirty Fila shopping for school shoes. We went to the mall and several shoe outlets. Now, on last wednesday evening there was school orieintation and one of the things that was stressed was proper adherence to the uniform. Small infractions will count against you this year. Shirts with a logo, like a polo shirt, sweatshirts with words on them, no belt, shoes with no no. The killer for dirty Fila was shoes with no back. She is a earth shoe, birkenstock wearing child. Of course they have no back. She used to wear hers last year and wear her longest pair of pants to hide the fact they had no back.

The pair she had before just magically disappeared because they were do old. Remember that? The birkenstock drama was crazy! See: Birkenstock Wars! Now she wanted a new pair and I said she would have to wait. Just the standard required shoe for now. I thought that a pair of Sperry topsiders would be good. They come in a variety of colors and she could wear those to school. She tried on several pairs and then said they would be strickly weekend shoes only. She would NEVER wear them to school. Why?

Because the people at her school who wear Sperry Topsiders are not cool people. Plus there are just too many people who will never own a boat in their life, wearing them. I looked at her crazily! I bought the pair above for ME! It is now my third pair of Sperry topsiders! My heels! What was wrong with her. I even suggested other brown slip on, stringup, shoes and nothing worked. We got no shoes for her that are of the leather sort.

We then switched to athletic shoes. She did find a pair of New Balance that she really liked. I did get her those. At least we got something!

It was not a good shoe shopping day with her that day. Nothing I suggested worked. The other bad thing that happened that day happened when we were on teh way back home in the car. She pipes up from the back seat, " Mommy, you know how you have been walking into school with me on the first day, ever since kindergarden? " I replied, "Yes!" That has always been a special day for me, the first day of school and walking in with her to her homeroom. It is what a mother does.

I looked at her in the rearview mirror. (This is her last year of middle school.) " Well mommy, do not do that anymore ." I just looked. dirty Fila is crazy! Of course I will be walking her into school the first day of school. Now that she has reached the age of "teen", it is a mother's job to embarrass their teens in any way possible. Now, just how walking in on the first day is so terrible is beyond me! I have to meet that teacher! Show the "mommy presence." Find out any really important announcements.

Walk my baby in on the first day of school. I know those days are coming to an end. I figured they will end at high school. She is not there yet. That happens next year. Until then, this mommy plans to walk her baby girl into school on the first day of school. It most likely will be my last prominade, but I will take it!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

Sann said...

my baby girl started high school this year and there is no way in heck she would let me walk her into school on the first day or any day...she did however get Sperry's as new school shoes this year--I was suprised because I wore navy blue one eons ago--wish I still had them, I did get myself a pair of Sperry mules though

Tinker said...

sann: i know that will be the way it will be next year. time flies. dirty Fila decided that she did want the sperry's... all her friends at school were wearing them. so after "pretend" refusing to get them as she had her chance...i did get her a pair this weekend.. a pair of salmon colored ones. nice. she spend the whole day on yesterday saying how much she loved them and how comfy they were. go figure. i guess it was not a good suggestion to wear those shoes coming from mom. her friends have more power these days.