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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jump the Shark Shoes: Stacy Dash in Playboy!

Jump the shark! You know what that means. A tv show, a person, a thing is so over and they are clutching at straws to keep hope alive! There have been some classic moments of jumping the shark. When I was a child, I remember when Fonzy from Happy Days jumped over the shark on skis! It was over! I did not watch that show much more after that.

There is only one person who comes to mind right this very second who has jumped the shark in a big way. Can we say clutching at straws? Stacy Dash! Stacy Dash has jumped the shark. She is washed up and the last hoorah was posing in Playboy. I know she most likely got paid alot. Now I will give her respect that she has kept herself up, but she is 40. Where are the really big movie roles, long term sitcoms? So Playboy it was. Stacy Dash naked in Playboy was not what I expected of her. I am a little disappointed. She has come a long way from this....

to this :

The pictures are well done. I was just expecting a little more.

Jumping the Shark Shoes? There are some. Rugged Shark Shoes. These are nice nautical shoes. You can be sure I will be buying shoes before I pose with no clothes on.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

1 Broken Heels:

Truth Hurts said...

You have a lot of nerves bitch. Stacey Dash is long from washed up. It's always some broke ass "commoner" that thinks they know what defines an actor/actress carer. If Stacey wanted to act SHE WOULD, and would'nt have any problem getting roles as pretty as she is. Her choice to become an urban model is great. She looks better than women 20 yrs her junior so why not.It is also a known fact that she has people beating down her door to get her in videos, magazine, etc...So keep your shitty hateful comments to yourself....BTW: Stacey looks absolutely beautiful in all of her pictures nude or not.And her PlayBoy pictorial was very tasful & artistic NOT raunchy or sleezy at all....SO GO FUCK YOURSELF!