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Friday, August 11, 2006

Step Sister Shoes

Deborah Porter used to have a love-hate relationship with shoe shopping. She loved the shoes, but hated the shopping. What's to hate, you ask?
"For a while I was very embarrassed to say my size out loud," she said. Yeah, if shoe shopping meant whispering "size 11" in the ears of men who have the same occupation as Al Bundy then we'd hate it too.
Lucky for her, and the hordes of women who would've never fit into the glass slipper, Porter has developed Now, all women with, ahem, "ample-sized" feet, can love shoe shopping the way it was meant to be loved. And that means, not an ounce of shame.
As it stands, the Las Vegas-based Step-Sisters has been part of eCommerce for all of 30 days. The pickings are slim, but once the word spreads, beautiful, big sized shoes will be as easy to come by as size-7 Uggs were last winter.
The Web site works much the same way eBay does, sans the bartering. The listed price is the amount you will pay, no exceptions. Just like real shopping. For those consumers who live and breathe for the next time they can "talk down" the price of something, save the suaveness for Tijuana.
"The back and forth negotiating just takes away from it," Porter said. "Because then you have to wait and wonder."
And for a group of women who are used to waiting and wondering, because the chances of stores carrying their size are about 50-50, to rid of the two w's is wonderful news.
Step-Sisters doesn't accept any shoes under size 9 and goes all the way up to ... however high ultra chic shoes can be found. Yes, ultra chic.
"This isn't a garage sale," Porter said. "It really is an exchange site for couture or at least higher end designers."
That means they don't carry Highlights from Payless Shoe Source (we're guessing Star Jones wore a bigger shoe size when she was their spokesperson so you may have luck finding the right size there anyway) or Nine West, for that matter. Like the line outside of Pure, the shoes on Step-Sisters have to be on the list to get in. "If a designer isn't there that they want then they have to write us and ask (if it can be listed)," Porter said.
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What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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