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Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Christmas Wish List!

Christmas in August! That is what I am thinking about. I went to Walmart and was just window shopping, just wondering really and I ended up in eletronics.
I want a new tv. One of those new fangled ones....with those flat screens! I have a large tv down stairs(not a flat screen) and a small one upstairs in the bedroom. Now I want to replace the upstairs tv with a flat screen. I think that will be my christmas present to me this year. I really like the look of those flat screen tv's. I could even put it on the wall if I wanted to. That is way cool!

I might have to even break down and get cable again. I used to have cable for years and I got rid of it. It was a waste as I was never home and about the only shows I watch are some reality tv and PBS. I love PBS. I did watch the discovery channel and the history channel and sci-fi. I do miss those. Now in the past 2 years our regualr tv reception has gotten worse. I am not too sure why but normal tv now is really fuzzy. I rarely have a clear picture. If I get that flat screen I do want to have a non fuzzy picture. I really hate to get cable again. It really is a waste of money for me. With my schedule and things to do with dirty Fila, having cable is just throwing money away.

Walmart has some really good selections in the flat screen televisions. This first one is the one I want and you know walmart...they even have layaway! This is the Phillips 24 inch flat screen tv. Click it for more details. It is only $178.00. Not a bad price!

These others are not bad either! Bigger and more costs, but they would be a little too big for my space allowed. Click picture for more details.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

3 Broken Heels:

Darkstar said...

The top one isn't what you think it is. It's just a flat screened TUBE set. The depth for LCD and plasma shouldn't exceed 8". That's usually the tip off.

I've put similar items in my blogs (not my blogger blog) Amazon wishlist. You should have a look. I am on the same quest: "who wants to buy ma a tv for Xmas?"

stellans said...

I enjoy reading your blog so much; I usually get at least one giggle or "oooohhh, I like that" no matter what.

Before you buy from Wal-Mart, check the models with Consumer Reports, or somewhere...even the customer reviews at Amazon or something.

Wal-Mart often sells 'brand name' things, but they are not just less expensive, they are lesser made, on the 'cheapside,' so to speak.

One personal example: a pair of jeans, brand name, were much thinner, with rivets that rusted, than another pair of the same brand name, same style name from another store (at a slightly higher price).

That experience has repeated with different products with many other people. Wal-Mart's pricing policies force manufacturers to cut costs, and most of the time, the cuts are to quality as well.

caveat emptor

Tinker said...

thanks Darkstar: I will have to take a 2nd look at that set.

thanks to you too stella. I really had not thought about the quality of the name brands actually being different. I was just thinking that due to volume buying , the quality would be the same. I will check that as well.