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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Skort Wars Revisited

Remember skort wars? Well you would have thought that the bosses would be more concerned about work and productivity and numbers and service. But nooooo! They have really lost their minds! They have taken fashion police to a new level. Be sure to read Skort Wars to find out how this all started.

I have not been able to check in with Busybee in a while. I stopped by her desk on yesterday and heard a tale of "big boss shoes" gone mad! Well, Busybee felt that she was being harrassed in a way that was not in any way related to her job so she called human resources which is supposed to be set up for anonymous help for an employee with a problem with local management. Somehow it all back fired. Big Boss found out and a rep from human resources came up to meet with Busybee. Busybee thought she was having a meeting with just the rep. All of sudden Big Boss and Busy's immediate boss were in the room. Not a pretty picture. Busybee said she felt attacked as they began to examine her from head to toe as far as her overall job performance. She ended that meeting.

Later in the week she wore what looked like the 2 panel skort that was supposed to be okay. But was it really the 2 panel skort? No. Not any more. Busybee had altered the skort and took out all the innards that made it a skort and it was not a skort anymore. It was now really a skirt!

Noone knew that but her. At first. The shoe thickens here! It was now a short skirt.
Ring a ding ding!
Ring a ding ding!

It was Busybee's phone. The Bigboss called her about the 2 panel skort that was not a 2 panel skort. "Someone called me and told me you have on shorts."

Busybee told her that she had on a skirt. No skort. Bigboss confront her again saying that was the same thing you wore a few weeks ago and it was a 2 panel skort. Busybee told her that she had on a skirt. In the end, Busybee had to go to Bigbosses office and prove that she had a skirt on and not that 2 panel skort. Busybee asked if she needed to lift her skirt to prove that she had on a skirt, not really thinking that she would have to do that. Bigboss said yes...she did!!!!! She had to lift the front of her skirt up so that her underwear could show, proving that she did not have on a skort with the short insert! She told Bigboss she had removed that so that it was now a skirt. She also told her that she felt like she was being sexually harrasssed by having to lift her skirt so that Bigboss could see her underwear to prove that it was not a skort.

What the hell is going on! I am in total disbelief! So as a result there have been more calls and meetings with HR and grievances now filed by Busybee. I do not blame her. Big Boss has lost her mind. She must be jealous or it must be some personal thing. I just do not know. Now everything that Busybee does is being looked at. She is now being micromanaged to the 9th degree and now feels that she is being forced out.

I told her to dig in with both heels as hard as she could. What is happening is wrong. If you have to go, go kicking and screaming and sticking them in the butt with your heels! Busybee has told what is happening to serveral people and everyone is just amazed at what is happening. I have looked at her production as she was told she was doing bad in regards to others who work in her area. Her production is actually equal or better to others working in her area, so those charges are trumped up. She says she may plan to just leave as she feels that she is being pushed out.

Ultimately it is her choice, but it would be a shame. She is a good person, personality wise and is a good person as a worker. She is very professional and all had seen her as a company assett and not a liability. Everything was fine until the skort wars.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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Anonymous said...

Making a girl to lift her skirt up! that too from front! its the most sexiest thing to happen! wonderful!