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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Landscaping and Shoes

About three weeks ago I was helping my mother plant some annuals and perennials in the backyard. We got all sorts of pretty things. I was not wearing the correct shoes for that work. I had just gone out and bought a pair of Nike running shoes that were very comfortable. They were white mess and tan. Well, after grubbing around in the dirt, they got filthy. Even after washing they did not come clean. After that I worn my hiking boots and they were a much better choice. The only choice and one that I should have made from the beginning. You do have to have the correct shoes to do yard work and landscaping.

Likewise, you can't just plant plants all willy nilly. That is what my mother likes to do. She thinks that every bit of space in a garden needs to have something in it. It has been hard getting her to realize that plants all jammed up on each other, does not a beautiful garden make. We have had that conversation several times with me objecting to her putting plants on top of plants with no room to spread out.

I think she could benefit from just the information that she could get from a landscape design company. For many years she has wanted to put in gardens and sculpt the yard but not has not know how to go about it . SLDA Landscaping and their team of green-thumbed professionals could help my mother realize her vision for the backyard. She wants to put in some sort of tribute garden to my father who passed away in December. I know she wants the yard to be something she can be proud of.

The three stepping stone process of planning, designing and implementing used by SLDA will help her create an impressive yard that reflects her personality and will something with a budget that she can afford to keep up. In the planning stage they come and do a walk through of the property, talk about ideas and a budget. Once that is done the designing begins. The staff works up drawings and sketches and discusses them with you and you finalize what you want. Finally, the implementation begins. You will be seeing the staff quite a lot as they work professionally and skilfully to create your masterpiece of a backyard, sculpted just the way you want it.

Be sure to check at the link for samples of their work. The home and yards there are just gorgeous. I plan to show this to my mother. She definitely has a plan. She just needs a little professional help to get it done. I know that I can't do it all. Some of it is beyond my skill level. Take the stress out of trying to doit all yourself. Contact the experts at SLDA Landscaping.

I know they won't be wearing running shoes. They will surely be wearing boots!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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