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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Something Other than Uggs

My main reason to go to Australia would be for the country side. I want to go there badly. It is on my list of places to see before I go to the great shoe store in the sky. I would of course be wearing Uggs or Blundstones. What else would I be wearing? They tend to be kind of expensive but then again they are all real leather. I would be okay with that because it is all about the shoes. I would be even more happy because of the wonderful deals I would get on Sydney Hotels. Can you believe there are specials that run only $79.00 per day? That is at the Metro Inn Edgecliff. That is most economical, so I could spend a little more on shoes. Sydney can accommodate the traveler looking for a five star hotel to the student who is looking to stay at a hostel.

It is nice to know that affordable hotels are available in Sydney and in other cities all over Australia. Take the Darling Harbour Hotels. This area is one of the main tourist hangouts with lots of restaurants, exhibits and nightlife. There are bargains that start as low as Fr. AUD 130. There are lots of attactions all within walking distance of the area hotels. Some of the hotels there also offer free inclusions during your stay with them. There are even last minute deals to be had and special offers with 21 days of arrival.

North Sydney Hotels are located with the business district. There is train and bus service that can take you to the city or to and from the airport. If you choose to walk, you can be back in the city in twenty minutes and five minutes by cab. So even staying there, a little furthur out is not an inconvenience. You still have easy access to all the attractions of the city. In North Sydney the accomodations are guest houses, apartment, flats and some hostels. When staying there ask about free inclusions like parking, internet access, breakfasts and gyms. You might not even want to leave the hotel at all if the services at the lodging are very nice.

With all these deals and freebies, ther is not reason not to have a grand time in Australia. Economical and quality accomodations are just a few clicks away.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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