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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Retirement Trip

Guest post written by Judy Kitson

On the way to the Hearing Test Center, my husband and I noticed a travel agent center along the way. We took a quick peek in the window and we decided to take a step inside. We've been very interested in going on a fun retirement trip, and we thought it might be best to find a few ideas. While we didn't put anything on the books right then and there, our visit gave us some ideas for when we went home. We got on the computer and started looking about trips up north.

We've wanted to go to an area with a little more snow because we've always wanted to rent a cabin and do a little cross country skiing in the open air. After searching for an hour or so, we came across the perfect place. We read that there were plenty of recreational areas nearby and it sounded like there was a lot of land. We went ahead and booked a trip. We're really looking forward to getting some fresh air and getting some exercise with the cross country skiing. This is really going to be great!

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