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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Down Under Shoes

G'day mate!  Australia!~ What can I say?  It is a place I want to go and have always wanted to go to.  A few years ago our church choir had the opportunity to go there and sing at the Sydney Opera House.  About 1/3 of the total choir went and unfortunately I was in the 2/3 who could not go.  I regret that to this day and hope the chance for me to go will come again.  I recently watched the movie Australia with Nicole Kidman and it makes me fall in love with that country all over again.   I so want to be strutting my stuff in the Outback in some "down under shoes!"

If you have the chance to go to Australia you may want to start research by checking out the cost of  flights.  The site, has a wide variety of fairs at great prices.  They have been around since 1997 and offer the ease of booking on line 24 hours a day or calling and speaking to a travel professional over the phone. Not only do they have fares to Australia but provide 75,000 flights to over 118 countries.  In addition to regular flights, they offer special holiday packages too.  These packages include over 330 special offers in over 100 countries.  This company is not limited to just flights.  Cruise packages, tours and ship transport can also be booked as well.

Finding international flights is easy.  In order to find out what is available there is an easy to use search box on the site.  Simply plug in the departure city and "to" city, then put in the dates you will be traveling and select the number of adults and children who will be making the trip.  Hit the search button and the flights that are available on your travel dates will come up for booking.  The site really has all your travel needs covered.  You can even arrange rental cars for travel and purchase travel insurance also.

When you are considering flights, consider  united airlines as they offer over 3700 daily flights to over 29 countries out of some of their main hubs like Denver, Los Angeles and Washington , DC. United offers three main classes for flying: first class, business and economy.   United is the worlds second largest airline in regards to revenue passenger kilometers. They have a frequent flyer program, offer wifi hotspots and have great food.  But don't take my word for it.  Check out the travel guides that are on the site written by recent travelers to those locations.  There are several great reviews for Australia...the place I want to go.

If you are thinking about traveling to your dream location, consider  They have all you need to make booking your trip easy at a great value.

What do women want? Shoes! ~~Mimi Pond

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