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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Troubled Shoes??

I have heard the stories about Bobbi Kristina Brown and at first was not going to comment.  I have never been a fan of Whitney or Bobby Brown and any kids they would have had would be in the same category.... celebrities not work keeping up with.  They are ghetto.  After readying the latest news I should have stuck to my guns.

REALLY? Dating your adopted brother?  Although there is no blood relation it is just wrong!  He was raised with you as your brother.  How could she even go there?  That is just wrong!  Wrong!  Wrong! It is the same as when Woody Allen began to date his adopted daughter.  No relation but that is still your daughter. Lines have been crossed.

The other thing that troubles me is that her family will be the administers of her fortune...sometimes family is not the best option.  I do not know if her family can handle it. Look at Whitney and Bobby.  Granted Whitney managed to keep her fortune but Bobby was stone cold broke at one time.  Although she wants to have nothing to do with her father, he is still her father. I bet over time he will wear her down in regards to money.  Maybe she realizes that and is trying to distance herself from him  by wanting to change her name.

Bobbi Kristina  is a troubled child, coming from a very troubled set of parents. The other family have to be enables in some sort of way.  I suspect that ultimately she will have some trouble along the way.  She is already snorting coke and doing drugs.  I am not being negative but it seems that her fate has been written by her parents.  Her capability to erase and break free of that past will be extremely hard.

What do women want? Shoes! ~~Mimi Pond

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