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Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Decided!

My crocs have to go. I have always wondered about the life cycle of those shoes and I think I have found the death of mine.  I got them about 5 years ago and I have worn them alot.  They are my wear around the house shoes, my go to the grocery store shoes, my walk the dog shoes, my do anything not nice-in shoes.  So they have been worn on lots of casual occasions. 

I think that whatever little support there was in the rubber had gone. When I wear then now, the backs of my ankles start to hurt and they hurt all day. When I put on a pair of tennis shoes the aching will stop almost automatically.  I do hate to see them go but they are now hurting my feet. 

The good thing is that I have several pairs of sperry topsiders that I can wear.  They have been moved to the back of the closet because I was putting on the crocs so much.  Now they will come out.  They also happen to be in light colors for the summer so...all is good.  My advice? When you feel the support is gone out of a pair of shoes, let them die a nice death.  Send them to the garbage can immediately.  Don't continue to wear till they hurt you feet!

What do women want? Shoes! ~~Mimi Pond

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