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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Southwest Airlines

I live in a state of wanderlust.  I always want to go.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.  I am the adventurer in my family.  I have visited to Amazon jungle...spent 10 days there.  I made tortillas with the Mayan Indians high in the mountains of Guatemala.  In addition, I have done the usual cruises and road trips.  Problem is I have not been anywhere in a few years.  The last trip I took was the trip to Guatemala.  I want to go somewhere but at this point in time finances may be an issue.  After scouting out some possible places on line, I realized there are many travel sites offering discounts and coupons and value pricing.  One such site is the Frugal Dad.

He has found some great information on Southwest Airlines. Besides being the largest airline in the US, they are the one airline that does not charge for the first or the second checked bag.  That alone is a godsend.  That is money saved! I love southwest airlines  for  the simple fact that they are making it easier to fly and save money~!  They even have a reward program that works like many of the others out there.  As  you spend money on flights and other items associated with you trip, you earn points  that can be accumulated and redeemed for free airfare!  How exciting is that?

In addition points can be earned if you sign up for the Southwest credit card and use it on things like hotels and rental cars.  Checking the Southwest website can prove to be beneficial as well.  There are discounts found there that can be accessed with a promo code during checkout when paying for flights.   With some of these deals I might be able to take a trip in the near future.  It might not be this summer but maybe the next.

Be sure to check out the Frugal Dad.  His site is devoted to helping the average family like mine be conservative about spending.  Basically we all need to spend less than we make, save for a rainy day and try to live debt free. Debt free is what I want.   His site has many other resources as well,  to help you look at your finances in order to make better frugal choices.  There is even a weekly newsletter you can sign up for that will keep you abreast of deals with Southwest Airlines and other things as well.  Financial freedom is achievable with a little work and a little help from the Frugal Dad.

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