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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Lost Mayberry Shoes

It has been not so good a week for American Icons.  We lost two in the same week, Nora Ephron and Andy Griffith.  They both did many great things in the time they had on earth.  I was most affected by the death of Andy Griffith.  Why?  I grew up with him.  It was like I was loosing someone I knew.  I grew up watching his show every day after school.  Shows like his were the sitcoms of my youth!  Later I did watch some of the other shows he starred in bu none resonated with my as my as his time in Mayberry.  It was a wholesome show.  Today that seems to be a thing of the past with graphic shows like Jersey Shore being so popular.

Those shows are just trash...plain and simple.  They have none of the family values that were instilled and demonstrated as you watched the happenings in Mayberry.  Andy influenced a great many people.  Just all the posts on FACEBOOK prove it. Most of my classmates had something to say about his passing and what an influence his shows had on their childhood TV watching.  The good thing is that you can still watch his shows.

When I mentioned his name, my child did not know who he was.  I suspect that will be the case for many kids today.  They did not grow up with wholesome shows like that.  They had power rangers and ninja turtles and smurfs and soon after that, the age of computes really kicked in and soon even the tv was left behind for x-boxes and Nintendo 64 games.  TV back then was of a different time never to be seen again.

Sleep tight Andy Griffith.  Rest. You had a positive influence on  a great many people.  When we pass on we only wish that we could say that we had that sort of good impact.  Rest in Peace!

What do women want? Shoes! ~~Mimi Pond

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