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Thursday, July 05, 2012

A Shoe After My Own Heart

I look at my daughter and I think I have raised her right!  She is a shoe lover so the apple did not fall far from the tree!  I did not realize it until yesterday.  She wanted to go the mall so I took her.  She had been wanting a pair of Toms for a very long time.  She finally selected a pair and they were the pink ones here.  She was very excited that her purchase would be helping a child in a country very different than ours.  We were shopping at Journeys.  That is one of her favorite places to shop for shoes.

Since she has been in middle school she has had a passion for Vans!  She has about three pairs of Vans already but she had had then since freshman year of high school.  She takes good care of them but they are looking a bit worn.  She saw a pair of lime green and black that she had to have.  Lime green is her favorite color and right now I cannot tell you how many lime green t shirts, or hoodies she has.  She loves that color. Now she has a pair of shoes.  They are bright but they are HER style.  She wore then to work to day.

As we were tallying up her purchases, a pair of red glitter vans caught her eye.  I had seen them when we first came in and I thought to myself that I wanted a pair of them.  She tried them on and had to have them as well.  It turned out to be a three pairs of shoes shopping trip!  Good for her!  Right now that is the only thing that she loves to buy and really gets excited about....SHOES!  She had a good day and spent several minutes at home modeling her new shoe for me.  I remember doing that when I got new things when I was much younger.  Especially things I had bought myself and purchased with my very own check!  I am glad that is one of many things that we have in common!

What do women want? Shoes! ~~Mimi Pond

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