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Monday, January 03, 2005

Sad Beginnings

On Friday, I got an email to call one of my best friends here in town--Kay. It said that one of our other best friends --Mori-- had some bad news. I called Kay and she said that Mori's grandchild died on Thursday December 30. The wake was tonight and it was just horrible. Mori's grandchild was only 9 months old. After getting some of the details, the child had a cold and was too young for any sort of antibiotic. Mom had been up all throughout the night with the baby checking to be sure things were alright. When she got up in the morning to start her day the child was gone...dead.

The child had been sleeping on it's stomach and there was a blanket up around the baby's face, bunched up. After the autopsy it was determined that the child had an upper respiratory infection and really had suffocated with the blanket as it was bunched up around the nose and mouth.

Mori and his wife are beside themselves and the parents are no better. Mom feels responsible because of the blanket. When I saw dad tonight at the wake, he looked like the walking wounded. His eyes were fixed on the floor and he must have been drugged because he did not speak much or really move. He was almost like a mannequin. His eye were like those of a mannequin.

The baby was beautiful. The casket was an open casket. A small beautiful white casket no bigger than a baby bathtub. The baby looked asleep. It was really hard to view the open casket of a child. Everyone was crying. The family was asking that in lieu of flowers donations be sent to the local hospital to be used for SID (Sudden Infant Death) research. Everyone at the wake got a picture of the baby smiling and laughing as a momento.

Such a very sad beginning for Mori and his family.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

6 Broken Heels:

Anonymous said...

Mori's family are in my thoughts right now. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through. My cousin lost her 3 month old son to SIDS about six years ago and I couldn't attend the funeral because I was too afraid that something would happen to my daughter as well (she was an infant too at the time). I don't know if we ever can truly prepare for death, especially that of a young person.


Rod said...

Damn. That's tough. I hope I never have to go to a funeral for a baby. Sad, sad, sad. My wife and I are due to give birth Feb 2. If she has to have another C-section (it would be her 3rd) she might have her tubes “tied”. When I hear stories like this, it makes me think we should wait a couple of years before we shut the water off for the plumbing.

Tinker said...

Laniza...I was with you. I did not want to go to the funeral but I did..on yesterday. It was pitiful! Mori's wife was hanging on to my neck sobbing like the world was ending after the service as we left the church to go to the internment. I just could not go to the internment. To watch them as they lowered that very small casket was too much for me. All I could think about was dirty Fila. So I went back to work.
Rod. It was very hard and I know what you mean about hesitating about not having any more or making it permanent not to have anymore. If I lost one, I would want to have another, in time.

this girl said...

i'm so sorry to hear that...losing a loved-one is hard, but at least when they are elderly it is more understandable/expected, but a baby? i can't imagine going through that. my thoughts are with them.

Joann said...

That poor mom and dad. I hope they talk to someone that can help with the guilt.

Apocalypse said...

wow...thats sad...sheech.