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Monday, September 19, 2005

Pandora's Shoe Box

This past weekend Pandora's shoe Box opened and opened wide! I have not bought any shoes all years. Remember my new years reso-shoe-tions?

(imagine a shoe in the center of this box!)

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Everywhere shoes! I only bought 7 pairs! Just 7! All fall and winter, but I needed them. Every last pair! So now I am up to 65 pairs! I changed my number at the top of this page!

What did I find? Well, I could only find pictures of 2 of them. Here they are! I am wearing this pair today. By Tommy Hilfiger. They are very comfortable! I love these clogs!

I also found two pairs of lovely aerosoles. One is a pair of black patent leather Aerosoles which can be found here. I also found a brown high heeled aerosole mule...suede, which I love. Here it is!

The other shoes were a pair of sexy black boots by Splash. Kind of trendy. Lace up fronts. These are the ones! Kind of out of the ordinary for me but I wanted something a little different. They are much higher in the heel than what I normally wear.

Dirty Fila has told me that she thinks these boots are too youthful for me. What is up with that? Just because I am in my 40's I must now wear granny boots? Kids!
The other shoes I found were just an equally treasured as the ones above. I found a pair of dress slides by Nine West. They are some sort of lizard skin, black with tooled leather. Very nice! I also found a pair of Via Spiga's that were just gorgeous. Again some sort of lizard/snake skin...maybe anaconda? I know it was not regular snakeskin. Black and pumpkin print. The last pair was a pair of Sacha Too's. A tweed pair of shoes with a tweed bow on the side of each toe. Very distinctive. I would have to wear solids with that, to not down play the shoes.
The shoe itch has been scratched for just a little while. I am content. It is just that I saw about 5 more pairs at another store that I just window shopped in on the same day I found all the others. I am content for now...content until the next wave of shoe mania hits!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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