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Monday, April 02, 2012

White Before Easter

Yesterday while at liunch I saw a man who had obviously just come from church BUT he was making the worst fashion statement of all.  He was dressed in all white.  Everyone knows that you cannot wear white before Easter.  The rule is:  No white after Labor Day and  no white before Easter!  Hush! It is the rule.  My mother grew up with that.  She taught me that so I grew up with.  I have tried to teach my daughter that and she adhered to it when she was smaller because I dressed her.  Now she rebels and says white can be worn at any time!  NO!

We talked about that man in the all white suit.  His socks were white.  His shoes were white!  Too much white. He was a beacon of light BEFORE Easter!  My mother was defending the rule. So was I!  My daughter remarked that that  rule was not in the bible so it could not be true.  I assured her it was in the bible and that my mother would be able to show us exactly what chapter and verse.  I assured my child that it was vaguely, as I remember, somewhere around Deuteronomy!

What do women want? Shoes! ~~Mimi Pond

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