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Monday, February 25, 2013

Whiz, Amber and Baby Makes Three

You know, I have a teen and I try to keep up with what is  happening in her world.  That is a way that we can stay connected.  I know all about the generation gap that my parents and I had. When I was still single and thinking about a family I vowed to try to keep that gap at bay with my own children.  I think I have done that for the majority of the time.  I keep up with the shows the kids are watching on tv, the music, fashions.  I think that any good parent has to in order to keep the bad things that draw young people in away.

For the most part when it comes to music that has been easy.  I am a fan of all sorts of music.  The explicit rap...not so much. Well at Christmas time, my child told me she wanted me to take her to the  coliseum so that she could by concert tickets to see Whiz.  Well, he was one person I had not heard of.  My daughter is apparently a big fan of him and Amber.  Since then I have of course investigated and found out all about him.  She even has a poster of him on her wall.  Well, can we say enough tattoos? 

Well, after hearing that my child followed them both on twitter, I then  had to find out who Amber was.  Well joy to them both.  They just had a new baby! 
Amber Rose has said that she and Wiz Khalifa fell for each other hard and fast, and that's been evident over the past couple of years. The pair officially began dating in 2011, and since then, they've been inseparable. They got engaged last spring, sharing the moment with fans on Twitter, and they welcomed their first child, Sebastian Thomaz, into the world Thursday — but it's been a memorable ride throughout.
Congratulations to Whiz and Amber.  I still only know the surface things but the fact that they are a family unit goes a long way with me.

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