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Monday, December 13, 2004

Flip Flops, Slippers, Mary Janes and Sneakers

Woohoooooo! That is me for the next week. Those are my vacation shoes! No more high heeled nine west pumps, the high heeled nine west clogs, the bandolinos, the pointy toed high heeled roach killing pumps. My feet will have a break from dress shoes.

You would think it would be an easy thing to leave work on a friday for vacation but is it not. In my business you have to prepare to go on vacation so that things run smoothly while you are gone. I went to work on yesterday and worked from 11:30am-8:00 last night just to "get ready" to go on vacation. My philosophy is whatever happens when I am gone, happens full knowing that there will be a slew of things in the inbox called "I did not know what to do so I waited till you got back ." My desk was spotless. I know I am tempting fate. I have just made more room for all those notes, files, problems for people to pile on it for me to deal with when I come back. I am putting work out of my mind now and am sending me to a place mentally very far from work. Ready...get set...GO!

I suspect there will be a pile of sardine cans in my desk trash can.

Well so far on day one after getting dirty Fila off to school, I spent a very restful morning doing ABSOLUTELY nothing! I put up just the Christmas tree on Saturday night so today I guess I will pull out all the ornaments and start the final decorating process.

I digress now for the last time. We are having a Christmas decorating contest at work that noone in my unit wanted to participate in. Those office scrooges! So me like a dummy volunteered to do the decorating for my unit. What will we win? A lunch that will take place in January. When I volunteered--open mouth and insert shoe--I did not check the calendar and guess is this I will be going back to work to decorate. I may have people who do not want to participate in everything but I will not let my unit not do anything at all. It was the same at halloween when I was robbed of my win. On spirit and all that teamwork stuff that counts when raise time comes.

Why is nothing on day time tv but shoes like court tv, infomercials and Jerry Springer? All the housewives of the world need to unite and stop that madness from being shown. Or is that what the typical housewife wants to see? That is a scary thought. Today he announced that if you are a prostitute with a story to tell to call him to be on the show. Now are prostitutes really going to call in and admit that? Crazy! This screen shot shows that he is calling for prostitutes to be on the show. It is right there in living color. (They just not have better shoes than I do!)


My face is breaking out! I would think I am too old to get acne but I guess I am not. I mask, I exfoliate almost every day and in the past month nothing seems to help. Every hour it seems I find a new bump . (Stress!) I even use alpha hydroxy. My cosmetic line is Estee Lauder. I have been using it for years. What is up with my face!? I will soon have to put a paper bag over my head. Can you imagine that...just a paper bag and shoes? I plan to go mask again and have a spa day...scrubbing down with sea salts from Bath and Body Works.

Dick Clark will unable to host New Years Rockin' Eve this year due to his stroke. Wow! I have been watching him for about 10 years now. Guess I never go to any parties anymore. (Can we say booooring?!) With him gone it will not be the same. He will be replaced by Regis this year.

The next door neighbor has been extremely loud today. After today I know she must have dropped out of school. She is a wayward teen and she is not old enough to be out of school. I see her smoking now when her mother is at work. And that stringy blonde hair looks like a rat's nest all the time. It is always pinned up in some crazy do! "Mom" must have given totally up on her. She is constantly roaming the neighborhood in the afternoon and late evenings. In addition she seems to be "growing in the wrong direction." This I have stolen from Wingtips. He says his wife tells him this all the time when he is gaining weight..he is growing in the wrong direction. Out and not up! She is getting very fat. No...she is now very fat when she was never fat before. I am concerned because I do not want dirty Fila to think that what she is doing is okay. Whenever I see her and dirty Fila is with me, I have to point out all the bad attributes I can and that her life will be taking a different direction. Bad influences can be anywhere.

Well off to the sea salt scrubs and mask!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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