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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Chaotic Shoe Monday

Today started off on the left shoe. I woke up late, could not find any shoes to wear and just threw on something black. So then I needed black shoes. I could not find my nine west clogs
I got last fall so I was forced to grab the dress, pointy toed, roach killer, high heeled mules with the silver buckle. When I got to work all dressed to the nines, everyone else had on casual shoes and casual clothes to match. I had fogotten the memo from the big boss late last week that she was allowing us to wear "jean casual friday clothes/shoes" all week. At least I was not totally alone. My assistant, Classic Court, who speaks only the queens english and is the warrior princess of the sardine wars and office farting also had on a dress. She rarely dresses down. Maybe that is an English thing.

When I checked my email I had gotten one from my manager that she wanted to go to lunch as thanks for good phone report results last month. Lunch out is always nice but on a monday which can be hectic, it threw a wrench into the day.

dirty Fila was not any help either. I oversleep and we both were late. She missed the bus and I had to driver her to school so I was late. My shoes were in overdrive this morning. The lunch was with some others who I also did not particularly care for. But what to do? It is work, lunch on the company. You do not have to like everyone, you just have to do your best to work with them. So off I went to lunch with one of the biggest corporate sharks in the office. She was my old pod remember her: Satans Spawn in very evil shoes! God I am so glad my office was moved. She really is evil.

That hour was over and thank god I could get back to my desk. I am now sharing a space with someone who was just tranferred into our unit. She is a really nice girl....just a bit too talkative for me. I will call her Finishing shoes. Why? Because she has the very annoying habit of finishing your sentences with you. I do not know if she is aware of doing that but she completes the ends of everyones sentences in unison with you. I find myself quickly changing my vocabulary so that the words are not the same. That drives me crazy and today it drove me insane. Most likely because I really had on frazzled shoes while I looked cool and calm on the exterior.

Now my shoes are kicked off and I am having a nice big glass of wine...a nice merlot by Sutter Home. Tomorrow is a new day and I will be wearing a different pair of shoes. Casual ones.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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